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Cientos v1.8.0

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Cientos (Spanish word for "hundreds", pronounced /θjentos/ ) is is a collection of useful ready-to-go helpers and components that are not part of the core package. The name uses the word uses in spanish to multiply by 100, to refer to the potential reach of the package to hold a amazing abstractions.

The cientos package uses three-stdlib module under the hood instead of the three/examples/jsm module. This means that you don't need to extend the catalogue of components using the extend method of the useCatalogue composable, cientos does it for you.

It just works. 💯


This package is not required to use the core library, but they can make your DX way better, specially for complex scenes.


npm install @tresjs/cientos -D

Basic Usage

import { OrbitControls } from '@tresjs/cientos'

Now you can use the OrbitControls component in your scene.

  <TresCanvas shadows alpha>
    <OrbitControls />
    <TresScene> ... </TresScene>


Notice that you don't need to write the prefix Tres such as <TresOrbitControl /> to use the component